Masters In Art studio is a place for creative people to learn how expand their artistic talent while learning art history in a fun and constructive way.  We teach students how to draw like a "Master Artist." They will learn how their own style can be enhanced by seeing the Masters styles and color palettes, helping to bring their art to the next level in creativity.  We use classical teaching methods taught in European studios and American art schools. Each week, we will build on the prior week's achievements to increase confidence and tap into the student’s creative potential.  Each student learns how to present their ideas to the group and realize what it means to have creative intent. Self confidence with the creative process is one of the main goals for each M.I.A. student along with the idea that each student will leave the class with a new understanding of how to fully express their creativity and see the world through the eyes of an artist.  Check out our classes.  View an article about our new space.

‘I feel like my life has been a palette of unlimited paint to mix up and paint great images and scenes that have been my life. What a joy to have passion for something and be able to pass that joy along to others.’ - Mia McNary

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Who is Mia McNary?

I started Masters in Art when I realized there wasn’t a program close by that could help my daughter. Being an artist and loving to sketch each day, I thought why not create a program to develop starving artist living in my area? I started with one student and the program soon grew to 70 students. One of my goals in the class is to challenging each student to reach their own style potential and trying to match my students up with master artist that would be a good influence for their growth in their unique pattern of creating art. I feel that by having only small groups and working in a professional studio, the students learn how to respect each others ideas and push their own ideas to more depth.

I believe as an artist that the greatest thing I can do for the future creative talent is expose them to great materials and teach them the techniques to help them express themselves artistically. My life as an artist is a dream come true and being able to share my passion for art with the community is icing on the cake. I know that all my students know how excited I am to show them the creative process and help them become Masters in Art.

Taking from my educational experience from Carnegie Mellon as an illustrator and my education in Florence, Italy studying art history, design, and painting at Studio Art Center International, I’ve gained wonderful tools to share with my students. Along with the creative side of art, I have been exposed to the business world of advertising (Leo Burnett, Foote, Cone and Belding, J.Walter Thompson) and am the mother of three children (one with special needs).  With these experiences I have learned how to share critical information in a simple format and enhanced the creative process of my students.

For my students who are mothers of children with special needs:

I have found great joy in coaching mothers who have children with special needs who need to find direction and hope. I have used my creative skills to help these mom's who just need a cheerleader to tell them that it will be ok and that they are not alone. The creative process is like no other in that it can mean one thing to the artist and something completely different to the viewer.  The experience of raising a child with special needs is unique to each person as well, and using art is a great way to release emotions that might be trapped inside or not clearly understood. My main goal is for each person that steps into my studio to see who they creatively are as a gift to this world and to have hope for the future.


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